Greyhound has been found liable for the injuries suffered by Ann Fitschen (81), who fell from the step as she tried to get on a bus. A Cape Times report says Fitschen claimed R540 000 in the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria), from Unitrans Passenger, which trades as Greyhound.

She said the bus company had promised that a step would be provided to enable her to board the bus.

In addition, she said, promises were made that staff would assist her to embark. Fitshen testified that neither promise had been kept when she tried to get on the bus on December 2015 and, as a result, she fell backwards and injured her leg.

Counsel for the bus company accused Fitschen of being clumsy and said she did not hold tightly enough to the hand of the hostess.

Judge NV Khumalo said Greyhound did not deliver on its promises to assist the woman and because of its negligence, she fell and injured herself.

The amount of damages has still to be determined.

Full Cape Times report (subscription needed)