The family of Reshall Jimmy‚ who burnt to death in his Ford Kuga‚ are a step closer to learning why his luxury SUV inexplicably caught alight and finding closure, says a TimesLIVE report. In a notice issued to the Jimmy family yesterday‚ the Justice Department revealed that an inquest into his death would be held in February 2019 – more than three years after he died.

The family have been engaged in a relentless battle to get answers from Ford since December 2015 as to why his car caught alight.

Jimmy burnt to death while on holiday in the Wilderness in the Western Cape.

Since his car caught alight‚ more than 80 other Kugas caught fire on SA's roads‚ resulting in the global motoring giant having to recall more than 4 000 Kugas as part of several safety fixes to the vehicles.

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