The showdown between the EFF and journalist Karima Brown has escalated after she approached the Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) to take action against the party after receiving threats on her life.

The Star reports it all began when Malema took to Twitter to accuse her of sending ‘moles’ to a campaign meeting the EFF was holding with ‘elders’ in Erkuhuleni. Brown had tried to post a brief of the event to colleagues at eNCA, but mistakenly sent it to the EFF's WhatsApp group.

In retaliation, Malema published Brown's mobile phone number, which led to EFF supporters unleashing a stream of vitriol, wherein they allegedly threatened Brown with rape and made racial attacks against her.

In her court papers, Brown outlined how a ruling on her case is likely to have implications on the elections next month and therefore warrants urgent attention.

Brown asked the court to rule that the EFF has contravened parts of the Electoral Act, to make an order for the party to issue on apology to her on its Twitter page, and for the organisation to pay a fine of R100 000.

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