Three weeks after a warrant of arrest was issued for Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mbuso Mandela, police say they have been unable to track him down, claiming he is ‘nowhere to be found’, says a Sunday Times report.

For five years, dancer Gugu Keswa has been fighting to get Mbuso to pay maintenance for their child, aged five. Police spokesperson Capt Richard Munyai said that on 28 March police went with Keswa to Nelson Mandela’s former home in Houghton, where Mbuso (28) used to live, but the ‘helper confirmed he is no longer staying there’.

Munyai said: ‘There are rumours he has been seen in Bryanston and then in Cape Town, but nobody knows where he stays. The family say they don’t know where he is and he is moving around.’

This is the second warrant of arrest issued against Mbuso for failing to appear in court.

Keswa’s lawyer, Heather Sterling, said the delay in arresting Mbuso was ‘...very concerning. The warrant of arrest was issued on 25 March. Three weeks later, nothing has happened. Mbuso Mandela is quite a well-known public figure. I don’t think it would be too difficult to arrest him. He has a known address. I am told by sources he has been seen around Sandton partying. It is not as if he has gone into hiding.

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