East London Advocate Farai Kunatsagumbo has opened a case of defamation of character against a woman who posted his picture on social media, claiming he had tried to scam her.

A Daily Dispatch report notes Kunatsagumbo, of the International Justice Centre, opened the case against Yonela Ntikinca after she posted a picture of him on Facebook, warning her friends and followers that he allegedly tried to scam her.

Ntikinca’s post accused Kunatsagumbo of trying to cheat her out of a laptop she was selling, by sending a fake proof of payment.

The post was accompanied by a screenshot of Kunatsagumbo’s Facebook profile, as well as a WhatsApp conversation allegedly between the two, and a screenshot of the alleged fake payment.

Yesterday, the advocate denied interacting with Ntikinca beyond a Facebook inbox inquiring about the laptop. He said Ntikinca implicated him without verifying her facts. He said her post had tarnished his professional image as an advocate.

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