ANC MPL in the Western Cape, Cameron Dugmore has laid criminal charges against an unknown person behind a Twitter account that accused him of being behind a plot to undermine President Cyril Ramaphosa during the elections, says a News24 report.

In a statement on Saturday, Dugmore said he decided to lay charges at the Rondebosch Police Station, Cape Town, after the account made defamatory and scurrilous claims about him.

Among the many malicious and unfounded allegations made by this faceless account, which I had elected to ignore until now, is the highly divisive claim that I was party to a plot to undermine the leadership of President Ramaphosa during the provincial and national government elections campaign,’ Dugmore said.

Through these allegations, the holder/s of this account have unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impaired my dignity in the public domain, hence my decision to formally lay charges and allow the law to take its rightly course.’

I have also reported this account to Twitter and awaiting a report in that regard,’ he added.

The Twitter account, which was created in 2018 also accused the ANC Gaby Shapiro branch of benefiting from misappropriated funds during the election.

These baseless allegations, which the branch has publicly distanced itself from, hurt the image of the organisation thereby bringing the ANC into disrepute,’ Dugmore said.

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