A motivational speaker has opened a case of crimen injuria and lodged complaints with the Equality Court and the Human Rights Commission after an alleged racist verbal assault at the Bedfordview licensing department.

The assault, recorded on video, shows the official telling Gavin Sharples in an 'angry and aggressive' tone: 'you white people sometimes, you make me sick. I am talking to you, you white people. I've had a lot of you white people, you white people, I don't like.'

This was after Sharples intervened when the official was 'berating, insulting and humiliating' a young man who was there for his learner's or driver's licence, reports TimesLIVE. He said the official started shouting at the young man, telling him he was doing him 'a favour' by speaking in English.

'He then called him stupid at which time I stood up and asked (the official) to please put some love in his heart and show the young man a little bit of respect. (The official) then turned his racist rant towards me.'

Sharples said he began recording the incident at this point. He said the conduct of the employee was 'unacceptable, uncalled for, criminal and unconstitutional'.

He said he asked his supervisor to intervene and had demanded that the official be removed immediately. He said his honour and dignity were 'severely insulted'.

'His comments were in my opinion hate speech based on my race. I require a full and complete investigation into this matter.'

The city of Ekurhuleni said in a statement yesterday it was aware of the video, saying the matter was taken seriously and an investigation has been instituted.

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