Stellenbosch University's R37m civil claim against him is ‘strange’, says SA Rugby CEO Jurie Roux in a replying affidavit ahead of proceedings instituted against him by his former employer for alleged fraud.

Initially set down to be heard in the Western Cape High Court yesterday, the matter was postponed without a resumption date, notes a News24 report. The university is claiming damages from Roux, who served as a senior director in the university’s finance department before he was appointed as Saru's CEO in 2013.

He had worked for the university between 1994 to 2012. Roux served on the management of the university's rugby club for 10 years.

In a replying affidavit, Roux charged that the case against him was ‘strange’ for a number of reasons. One was that the money being claimed from him had not been lost but used for legitimate university expenses, according to the university's own papers.

Secondly, to the knowledge of the university, I never took any money from the university (apart from my salary and benefits), let alone R37m. The university’s expert report confirms that I did not personally benefit from my alleged conduct relied upon for the claim,’ his affidavit reads.

The university also knows that I do not have R37m. I am a salaried employee of SA Rugby.’

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