Pulane Moloi – who accuses her employers of abuse – is now suing the company, Kantar TNS, for R90m for the pain she allegedly suffered. The Star reports Moloi has filed papers in the Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) after she allegedly suffered emotional, physical and psychological abuse at the company.

Moloi said the bullying started in May last year when she got a new line manager. She said she suffered a mental breakdown following the ill-treatment she experienced at work. She said she also suffered from fainting spells and has been suicidal.

In the court papers, Moloi states that she is suing Kantar for R45m for compensation for the pain and suffering, and another R45m for ‘infringement of personality in the form of dignity’.

In her documents, Moloi also claims that personal interest and dignity were infringed by her then line manager through harassment and bullying as well as humiliation in front of other colleagues.

This, the papers claim, resulted in Moloi’s self-respect, self-worth and dignity being diminished.

This had caused her embarrassment in front of her colleagues as well as her urinating on herself while at work after she was not allowed to go to the toilet during working hours.

Full report in The Star