Former President Jacob Zuma has one last chance to approach the SCA to allow him to continue using state funds to fight his legal battles.

Zuma’s latest problem came after the full Bench of the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) dismissed his appeal application against the same Bench ruling which ordered him to repay his legal bills incurred since 2004 while he was still Deputy President.

The full Bench, led by Deputy Judge President Aubrey Ledwaba, handed its original judgment on 13 December last year, which Zuma subsequently challenged. Ledwaba confirmed the initial ruling when he dismissed his application but made an impromptu order.

Now, says a Cape Times report, Zuma will only be able to petition the SCA if he obtains the full court order which details reasons for the dismissal of his appeal application.

DA lawyer Elzanne Jonker said her client was also waiting for the full order of appeal judges.

Jonker, however, said the dismissal of Zuma’s appeal meant that the state attorneys should start the process of collecting data on the exact amounts to be paid by Zuma since the state began funding his legal fees.

Full Cape Times report (subscription needed)