The five-star Oyster Box hotel has withdrawn an interdict against the EFF in exchange for the party's undertaking to distance itself from any unlawful conduct from any of its 'alleged members' at the Umhlanga, Durban hotel.

The Oyster Box sought the interdict after protesters, wearing EFF T-shirts, recently blocked the entrance, harassing guests entering and leaving, TimesLIVE reports.

They claimed to be acting on behalf of disgruntled employees. The hotel objected to their presence, denying there were any labour relations disputes and saying even if there were, the EFF was a political party, not a union, and had no right to represent staff members.

The hotel's deputy general manager, Tracey Liebenberg, said in an affidavit that the group of 15 protesters were aggressive. They interfered with people and motor vehicles, and were toyi-toyiing, dancing and shouting.

Representatives of the hotel managed to obtain the names of four protesters and they were cited individually as respondents in the application, along with the EFF.

When the matter came back before the KZN High Court (Durban) yesterday, the interdict was made final against the four and they were ordered to pay the legal costs of the application.

But the EFF was let off the hook and no costs were sought against the party.

In terms of the written undertaking, the party said, 'it does not condone any of its members encouraging, orchestrating and supported any unprotected strike and unlawful conduct at the hotel'.

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