A man with three sex-crime convictions was employed to guard a Cape Town crèche and raped a girl (11) who lived across the street. A Times Select report notes Cassiem Abrahams appealed unsuccessfully to the Western Cape High Court against the life sentence a magistrate imposed.

Now his crime has been brought to the attention of parliamentarians by Acting Judge Daniel Thulare and Judge Elizabeth Baartman – who said Abrahams’ name did not appear on the National Register of Sex Offenders because the victims of his previous assaults were adults.

Thulare said this loophole in the Sexual Offences and Related Matters Amendment Act of 2007 was part of the reason Abrahams had access to the crèche and, indirectly, to his victim. In his judgment, Thulare also expressed alarm over how Abrahams had found work as a crèche security guard – in spite of two convictions for sexual assault and one for rape, which earned him a 10-year prison sentence.

‘It is not known how a person with the record of previous convictions like the accused was allowed to work in the security industry of the Republic,’ said Thulare.

Thulare sent a copy of his judgment to the chair of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and the Speaker of the National Assembly, after hearing that the Department of Justice had acknowledged the loophole in the sexual offenders register that Abrahams slipped through.

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