Convicted fraudster Visham Panday was yesterday denied leave to appeal in a civil case involving Dr Navind Dayanand. The Witness says this means that Judge Piet Bezuidenhout’s ruling that Panday must put up security if he wants to pursue an application against Dayanand – the owner of Daymed Private Hospital – and seven others, including the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), still stands.

Dayanand brought the application for security following an application Panday brought for the court to order the HPCSA to suspend the doctor and institute disciplinary proceedings against him.

Panday alleges that the doctor got his medical degree from India, three years after he had left India. He also claims that the doctor’s son fraudulently obtained his medical qualification and his daughter was fraudulently admitted into medical school and was later ‘expelled or deregistered’.

In his main judgment, Bezuidenhout said that it is the council’s duty to investigate any alleged misconduct and it has indicated it is doing so. ‘The main application accordingly amounts to an abuse of the court process,’ said Bezuidenhout.

However, he has not set out that he has the means to satisfy any costs order that is made against him.

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