The Western Cape High Court has ruled in favour of the City of Cape Town, and dismissed the application of an interdict brought by five occupiers of Athlone Stadium.

A Cape Argus report says the five applicants brought an urgent application to try to prevent the city evicting them or locking them out from the stadium suites that they have converted to offices.

The city’s Kelcy le Keur said – following the applicants’ unsuccessful court action – three occupants decided to vacate the premises while the others have advised the city of their intention to vacate.

‘The refusal of a few occupants to comply with the regulations led to the shutdown of the facility on Thursday,’ Le Keur said.

Wayne Neitz, representing the disgruntled occupants, said: ‘This has a very bad effect on us. We had to call off our major competition, because our players couldn’t access the stadium. This also has dire financial consequences for us, because people are getting paid to play and they can’t. We will try to engage the city again.’

Full Cape Argus report (subscription needed)