The Stellenbosch Magistrate's Court yesterday ruled against singer Steve Hofmeyr in an apartheid flag case, notes an EWN report. Activist Johan Pienaar exhibited a protest installation during the Woordfees in Stellenbosch called Laying Down the Flag last year.

It featured the old SA flag with the names of people Pienaar claims were architects and enablers of apartheid. Hofmeyr and FF Plus MP Corné Mulder’s names were included in the flag displayed by Pienaar. He invited people to walk over the flag.

Hofmeyr reacted via Twitter, saying he would offer a reward to anyone who could remove the flag.

The court has now issued a final interdict ordering Hofmeyr to cease and desist from this type of behaviour. Pienaar emphasised the important role of art in addressing social issues, even if it led to discomfort.

It’s a complete vindication of the points we raised in our original application before the courts and amounts to the condemnation of Mr Hofmeyr’s actions in this regard. The magistrate agreed that it was harassment and that the said harassment caused harm to me.

The court also ordered Hofmeyr to tweet that the bounty he placed on the flag's removal was rescinded, which he has done.

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