The National Lottery Board is increasingly approaching the courts to declare illegal gambling proceeds forfeited to the state, Netwerk24 reports. In a recent case, the board applied to the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) to declare winnings of a relatively small amount (R3 658) forfeited.

Mario du Toit, from Lephalale, won this amount on the Club 777 gambling website, but Standard Bank reported the transaction when the proceeds were deposited in Du Toit’s bank account.

The National Lottery Board says in court papers the number of referrals from banks have ‘increased dramatically’ over the past few years.

The board was under administration until June 2016 and unable to conduct investigations due to a lack of funds, but has now appointed a law firm to deal with the investigations and recoveries.

The court granted the forfeiture order despite protests from Du Toit that he didn’t know it was illegal to gamble on a website run by a gambling vendor not registered in SA.

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