Prasa will have to pay up for the injuries suffered by a teenager (15) who was pushed out of a crowded moving train in October 2017 and severely injured her ankle.

Prasa claimed the teenager was hit by the train because she illegally crossed the train tracks.

But The Star says Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) Judge Zeenat Carelse found that Prasa's explanation was improbable.

The train driver told a completely different story and the judge remarked that it was as if she and the teenager were describing two completely different incidents.

Carelse said there were ‘glaring’ improbabilities in the version of Prasa.

One of these include that the teenager was in the path of the moving train.

The judge said Prasa had a duty towards commuters to ensure their safety while travelling on the train. One of the main duties was to ensure that the doors were closed before the train took off.

She ordered that ‘Prasa was 100% liable’ for the teenager’s injuries.

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