SA swimming legend and former Olympic champion Cameron van der Burgh is embroiled in legal proceedings against his former girlfriend and her family regarding a financial transaction that went sour, says a Saturday Star report.

Van der Burgh said in papers before the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) that they owed him more than R343 000 following the sale in 2015 of his shares in a company called Consilia Investments. He entered into an agreement with Johan Botes – the father of his former girlfriend – as well as with her and her brother and two other people.

Van der Burgh said the share price payable to him was R860 000, but the Botes family failed to pay him as agreed. They subsequently offered to pay him R659 447 and he accepted the offer as part of a settlement agreement in that case.

He said he then received payments made in ‘dribs and drabs’, but they still owed him R343 311.

As they had not fulfilled the 2017 agreement, which was made an order of court, he obtained a writ of execution against the movable and immovable assets of Botes. However, the Sheriff of the Court indicated he could not find sufficient disposable property to settle the outstanding amount.

Van der Burgh’s attorneys then lodged an application to have Botes’ home sold in execution. This application is due to be heard by the court on 22 August. But Van der Burgh returned to court on an urgent basis, as he said he had heard that Botes was in the process of selling his home and transferring the property to a buyer.

The court interdicted Botes from going ahead with the property transaction or transferring the house into a buyer’s name, pending the finalisation of the execution application in August.

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