A Ga-rankuwa teacher will receive R400 000 in damages from the police following her wrongful arrest for her husband's murder three years after his death. According to a report on the IoL site, Rebecca Mpho Mole told the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) that she had to spend five fearful days in a filthy police cell before she was allowed to go home.

The Magistrate's Court declined to prosecute her.

During her stay in prison, Mole was assaulted and tortured by the police who tried to extract a confession from her.

Mole said although her name was now cleared, she still suffered from the trauma of her ordeal and she felt ‘naked’ when she had to face the community.

Her husband was shot at the couple's home in Ga-Rankuwa Heights in April 2005 after he had returned from a business meeting. His attackers were never apprehended. She said her husband's family had from the start accused her of his death.

She had to get a court order against them after the funeral. Her children, who were small at the time, were so traumatised by her ordeal that they had to receive counselling.

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