Then EFF provincial deputy chairperson Bunga Ntsangane has been convicted of assaulting employee Maggie Klaas, who was subsequently dismissed by the party in a process she has successfully challenged at the CCMA.

A City Press report says Klaas took Ntsangane to court after laying a case of assault in November 2017.

On Friday the Mmabatho Magistrate’s Court found Ntsangane guilty of assault and crimen injuria. His sentence of R6 000 or six months in prison was suspended for three years.

Klaas accused Ntsangane of assaulting her and threatening to have her genitals ‘cut off’ during an altercation in his office in November last year. After laying charges against him, Klaas says the EFF took her through internal disciplinary hearings, which led to her dismissal for what she describes as having spoken up against abuse.

However, EFF secretary-general Papiki Babuile disputes this.

Maggie never lost her job because of Ntsangane. She refused to take instructions and we had to implement labour laws against her. She then took us to the CCMA and the matter was ruled in her favour. However, we have appealed the outcome and questioned the process,’ Babuile is quoted as saying.

In April, the EFF in the North West was ordered to pay her 11 months’ salary for unfair dismissal.

The EFF had to pay her a total R102 300 before the end of April, but Klaas says she has not yet received the payment.

If she takes us to Labour Court and they tell us to take her back we will, as we can’t appeal forever. However, we do have a right to appeal processes and will do so if we think they are not consistent. But as for the judgment, we welcome it.

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