A prospective surrogate mother (26) told the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) that she really wanted to carry a baby for a gay couple as it gave her joy giving someone something they yearned for. ‘I have a daughter of my own and I know that nothing in the world can replace the love of your own child,’ she said.

A Pretoria News report says the mother wants to carry a child for two men involved in an 11-year relationship. Her affidavit formed part of the proceedings during which the two prospective fathers applied to the court for its endorsement of their surrogacy agreement with the woman.

The two fathers said their one big wish was to raise their own child. They said they were competent people who were also financially able to raise a child. Together with the surrogate mother, they were assessed by a clinical psychologist experienced in surrogacy forensic assessments. They were all found to be excellent candidates to enter into the agreement.

The court was told that this would be the third time that she had entered into a surrogate agreement with prospective parents.

The two men said they wanted to start with the artificial procedure as soon as the court gave them the green light. Judge Nana Makhubele confirmed the agreement between the parties.

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