The NPA has dropped the common assault charge against Sans Souci Girls’ High Grade 9 teacher Clarissa Venter (34), who slapped a pupil during a classroom altercation.

A Weekend Argus report notes prosecutors announced their decision in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court last week, following months of postponements and representations by Venter’s attorney, William Booth.

The chief prosecutor withdrew the common assault charge on the merits,’ said Booth. ‘That means they have dropped charges based on the evidence and what led to the incident. That had to be taken into account. She was provoked and attacked and acted lawfully.’

Booth added: ‘Prosecutors also took into account that Miss Venter has been through a significant amount of stress and trauma with court appearances and social media and media exposure. She also had to go through a disciplinary hearing before she could return to teaching. And then the child’s mother brought an application before the Equality Court against my client and the Western Cape and national Ministers of Education and Sans Souci, saying they were all racist in dealing with the incident.’

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