Former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe has written a letter to trade union Solidarity asking for 30 days to repay a legal cost order made against him to the tune of R708 102, says a TimesLIVE report.

‘Mr Molefe wrote us a lovely letter to say that he wants to repay the amount. He wants 30 days in which to pay us,’ Solidarity’s lawyer, Anton van der Bijl, is quoted as saying.

‘We are currently in correspondence with his attorney and we want that money to be paid within seven days or we will proceed with a warrant of execution and attach his properties,’ he said.

Solidarity is being helped by lobby group AfriForum’s private prosecution unit, headed by Gerrie Nel, in a bid to hold Molefe criminally responsible for his pension payout.

Molefe last week failed in a bid before the Constitutional Court to appeal against a decision that he pay back some of the R30m pension money allocated to him by the power utility in a case brought by Solidarity in the High Court.

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