The Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF), AfriForum and its deputy CEO Ernst Roets will face each other in court again today in a contempt of court application following Roets' tweeting an image of the flag hours after an Equality Court judgment on the matter.

The foundation said it was resolute in seeing the matter through, and Roets reportedly told News24 that AfriForum would maintain its own stance regarding freedom of expression on the matter.

AfriForum has also filed an application for leave to appeal Judge Phineas Mojapelo's ruling last week that the ‘gratuitous’ display of the old flag amounted to hate speech, and is still waiting to hear if this will be granted.

Last Wednesday, hours after the ruling, Roets tweeted: ‘Did I just commit hate speech?’ with an image of the old flag. Mojapelo ruled that the ‘gratuitous display’ of the flag demonstrates a clear intention to be hurtful, harmful and incites harm, promotes and incites hatred against black people in terms of the Equality Act.

The NMF said in a statement yesterday: ‘The social cohesion of our country is not dependent on the fragility of those keen on division and contempt for our young democracy. It is incumbent on all of us who are committed to building the society described in the Constitution to come together and work constructively towards the achievement and realisation of all of the rights in the Bill of Rights.’

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