Newcastle businessman and ANC member Renash Ramdas claims his company has not been paid a cent of the R102m that he alleges the party owes his company for street pole banners it supplied for the May elections.

The Mercury reports Ezulweni Investments (Pty) Ltd has brought an application against the ANC in the Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) for the payment of the total amount of R102.4m plus interest.

The ANC has yet to file its notice of whether it intends to oppose the application.

In an affidavit to support the application, Ramdas, said the company supplied various branded products, including PVC banners, hand flags and street pole flags. Ramdas said he had – with another company – provided products for the ANC for the 2014 elections and he therefore approached the party this year to supply products for the elections.

Ramdas said as an ANC member ‘all my dealings with the party over the years have been conducted on a handshake without any written agreement having been concluded’.

Ramdas said all the entities he had previously represented in business deals with the ANC had been paid for services.

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