Legal representatives for lawyer and social media activist Tumi Sole have issued a cease and desist warning against a person who claims that he raped her and gave her HIV in a Durban hotel room, notes a News24 report.

The allegations emerged as part of the outing of alleged sexual offenders on Twitter – part of the #AmINext movement – in response to high-profile acts of extreme violence against women in recent weeks.

The unknown accuser wrote of Sole: ‘Met in Durban. He was there on business. I liked him yes. He invited me to his hotel room. Had drinks. Forced himself on me. I kept saying no. He was so rough with me. He eventually managed to penetrate me. Now im taking ARVs cause of a selfish self absorbed man. I want him to trend until his wife sees this. And I wish for the same to happen to his children. Mr Country Duty yamasimba (sic).’

Said Sole: ‘I’m aware of the tweets making the rounds & in reference to me & #CountryDuty. I am pursuing the matter through legal channels. Herewith a letter from my attorneys below.’

The cease and desist letter, seemingly addressed to the accuser, says Sole had been receiving threatening e-mails from the person since 1 August. The letter explains that the person requested money from Sole in a bid to ‘suppress (them) from carrying out these threats’.

The letter describes this as extortion.

The document describes the claims as ‘false, baseless and slanderous in an attempt to bring our client’s name into disrepute…’

At least four politicians – from the EFF and ANC – have been named on Twitter accounts, notes a second News24 report.

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