uMngeni Municipality’s decision to award its valuation roll tender to an Eastern Cape company that bid R1.7m more than a Tweedie company, is being challenged, says a report in The Witness.

KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) Judge Piet Bezuidenhout has been tasked with deciding whether to stop the municipality from implementing the award of the bid until the local company, Mills Fitchet Africa, brings a review application.

The judge heard arguments yesterday and reserved judgment.

The bid is for the general valuation and preparation of a valuation roll, for implementation on July 2020, and the preparation and updating of the roll until June 2025.

The winning bidder, Kanyisa Property and Management Services – which has also been cited in the court papers – has remained silent in the application that is only being opposed by the municipality. Mills Fitchet said in court papers that the other company’s bid is R5.6m, which makes it the highest bid of the six tenders that were submitted.

It said the award of the bid to the Eastern Cape company results in ‘wasteful and unnecessary expenditure’ to the municipality and its ratepayers.

However, uMngeni Municipality said the invitation to tender states that the municipality ‘does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right to accept a tender in whole or any part’.

It said the local company did not receive the highest score and therefore was not awarded the bid.

Full report in The Witness (subscription needed)