Solidarity’s legal team has given yet another urgent instruction to the sheriff to proceed with the seizure of Brian Molefe’s property to pay the outstanding legal costs of about R200 000 owed to it in terms of a court order.

‘Mr Molefe is running out of time. So far, he managed to keep the sheriff at bay by paying the money in bits, while he is actually just buying time,’ said Solidarity’s Anton van der Bijl.

‘If he fails to pay the outstanding money to Solidarity, the sheriff will be at his door again and he will be forced to part with property to pay our legal costs.’

A report on the IoL site notes Solidarity has also not heard anything about the ‘aggressive’ legal action the Eskom Pension Fund intended to take to recover the roughly R10m Molefe owes it.

Solidarity has written to the fund, asking for feedback on the steps taken in this regard. Van der Bijl added that Solidarity was still waiting for confirmation from the NPA as to whether it would proceed with prosecution against Molefe.

‘Justice will, however, catch up with him. Solidarity is ready to take action,’ Van der Bijl said.

Full report on the IoL site