In 1998, 41 Eastern Cape families lodged a massive land claim – which includes tourist and citrus farming towns. However, a Daily Dispatch report says they are yet to receive any feedback on the status of their claim.

Some of the claimants, who say their forefathers were forcefully removed between 1913 and 1914 from the tourist town of Hogsback and the village of Seymour – popular for livestock and citrus farming – have since died.

The claimants lodged the claim in August 1998, with it being certified as valid by the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform in 2002.

The department claims it is in the process of verifying the direct descendants and the beneficiaries of the claim.

The claimants, whose families were removed to the Auckland area in Alice, reportedly told the Daily Dispatch they were not interested in being given the land back, but they wanted monetary compensation.

While the claimants do not know the value of the land, they are certain it is worth millions of rands because of the many farms and the tourist attractions in the area.

Hogsback is nestled high in the Amatola Mountains, while the Auckland residents are at the foot of the mountains.

The department said the community was claiming 1116ha.

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