The judge presiding in the delinquent director case against Dudu Myeni has warned that the matter was dragging on for too long after the former SAA chair failed to appear in Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) for the second time in as many days.

Judge Ronel Tolmay said Myeni was expected to file a 'substantive' application for postponement by close of business today, Fin24 reports.

Myeni's lawyer, Daniel Mantsha, made an unexpected appearance on her behalf yesterday, saying his appearance was 'out of courtesy for the court' and he was not acting under instruction from Myeni.

Mantsha had stopped representing Myeni on 30 September. The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse and SAA Pilots Association want the court to declare her a delinquent director, based on her leadership at SAA. Advocate Carol Steinberg, legal counsel for the applicants, said one of the reasons given by Myeni for her inability to afford legal services was that she had been waiting for a liability insurance claim for SAA directors to cover the costs.

It later emerged that the claim was only lodged on Friday last week. Other reasons for her no-show include that she is not in a position to pay for petrol or accommodation to allow her to travel from her current home in KZN to attend the case. Myeni, who sits on the boards of 13 companies according to information presented in court, has claimed she is unable to secure legal representation because she is unemployed.

Mantsha told the court he had made contact with Myeni who informed him that she has arranged for a legal counsel to bring an application for postponement of the case tomorrow.

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Outa says Myeni should back up her claim that she could not afford to attend the case, notes a TimesLIVE report.

Outa and Saapa intend to oppose any application for postponement and will be asking for a costs order against Myeni if the matter is further delayed,’ it said.

Outa's legal team informed the court that Outa is a publicly funded NGO which is taking this action out of concern over the demise of state-owned enterprises such as SAA. The court dates were allocated in February 2018 and Myeni has been through two sets of lawyers without responding to correspondence. Outa has requested an explanation from Myeni to back up her claim that she can’t afford to appear in court or to arrange a lawyer,' Outa spokesperson, Advocate Stefanie Fick, is quoted as saying.

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