A company in which the wife of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the National Lotteries Commission is a director received R4.8m from the lottery in 2017, reveals a GroundUp report.

The grant was awarded to Zibsimanzi, a non-profit company.

This was within months of Rebotile Malomane, the mother of three of NLC COO Phillemon Letwaba’s children, being appointed a director.

Malomane was Letwaba’s long-time girlfriend before Letwaba paid lobola to her family late in 2018. By cultural tradition, they are now referred to as husband and wife.

The report says it is not clear what the project for which Zibsimanzi received millions involved.

An Internet search turned up only the NLC’s 2017/2018 list of NLC grant recipients, which includes no details of the Zibsimanzi grant other than the date, amount and project number.

GroundUp notes the NLC has ignored questions about what the money was for, where the project was implemented, who the beneficiaries were and why a new Gauteng-based company with no track record received millions of rands for a project in Limpopo.

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