SARS has filed an application to join Eskom in its High Court bid to wind up Trillian Management Consulting, a subsidiary of the controversial Trillian Capital Partners.

And, according to a Daily Maverick report, SARS seemingly has no appetite for delaying tactics amid its own claim of nearly R400m in alleged unpaid tax, VAT, penalties and interest against the company.

It wants Trillian to be liquidated ‘immediately’ and for a curator – appointed under its recently acquired draft preservation order – to be able to hunt down assets from all those who benefited from a deal that left Eskom out of pocket to the tune of nearly R600m.

This includes several letterbox companies, previously identified as Gupta front companies that allegedly received millions of rands from Trillian as soon as the company got payments from Eskom.

CEO, Eric Wood, has repeatedly denied that Trillian was a Gupta company although it was majority-owned by the family’s former chief lieutenant, Salim Essa, notes the DM report.

It says SARS argues that even if Eskom’s liquidation bid is not urgent, that of SARS is, in view of questionable transfers of cash that may need to be set aside so that SARS can initiate recovery efforts from beneficiaries involved.

The intervention comes just weeks after the tax agency obtained a preservation order against Trillian, Wood, his family trusts and about 20 associated companies to safeguard R377m in terms of the Tax Administration Act.

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