Several lawyers and law firms who were until recently on the Road Accident Fund (RAF) panel of attorneys have taken a complaint of alleged misconduct to the JSC against a judge who ruled against them.

They asked it to investigate the conduct of Gauteng High Court, (Pretoria) Judge Norman Davis, according to a report in The Star. They say the judge should not have presided over their urgent application against the RAF.

As reported previously in Legalbrief Today, they claimed Davis was part of a contingent of judges, including Gauteng Judge President Dunstan Mlambo, who a year ago attended meetings at the RAF’s Centurion head office. At the meeting, (it was claimed) they discussed the future of lawyers who cashed in on legal fees from the RAF.

These allegations were denied by Mlambo, who said they never partook in such discussions.

However, according to the lawyers it came to their attention after the judgment was delivered, that Davis was part of a panel of judges who discussed the panel of attorneys with the fund and where the words ‘gravy train’ were used in relation to them.

In their complaint to the JSC, says The Star report, the lawyers said when Davis heard the matter, he was not the urgent judge on duty.

The lawyers said Davis did not disclose that he ‘had more than one meeting with the fund, which was the respondent in this matter’.

‘In our view, he breached an elementary ethical duty as a judge when he failed to disclose that he attended a meeting with one party of the litigation.’

Full report in The Star (subscription needed)