Outspoken Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama has lashed the State Capture Inquiry, accusing it of ‘wasting R1bn’ and giving attention to ‘agents of lies’.

This after the commission sent Mngxitama a Rule 3.3 notice informing him that he is going to be implicated by an anonymous witness who was billed to give testimony on 25 and 29 January.

The witness, an operative of the State Security Agency, is expected to tell the commission of alleged acts of corruption, fraud and money laundering, among other things, in which Mngxitama is allegedly involved, says a TimesLIVE report.

Mngxitama said this was ‘laughable’ because he had never engaged in any illegality.

According to him, the commission was clutching at straws in an attempt to smear anyone associated with former President Jacob Zuma. This was why he believes that the commission ‘has lost direction’, as its sole mission was ‘only to tarnish reputations of political players who are opponents of white monopoly capital’.

At this rate, charged Mngxitama, the commission was ‘relying on agents of lies who manufacture evidence to deceive’.

He said he would attend the hearing of the witness – named ‘Mr Y’ – and would defend himself ‘by any means necessary’.

He would also apply to cross-examine the witness.

‘But my general attitude is that the Zondo Commission is an embarrassment of a political tool which is on a crusade against everyone they perceive to be on the RET (radical economic transformation) side of the political divide in this country,’ he said.

‘This is not about corruption; it is all political and quite frankly it is shocking how low the commission has gone in discrediting itself after wasting R1bn.’

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