The Judge President of the Western Cape division, John Hlophe, has not issued any handwriting reprimand to judges, according to the Office of the Chief Justice, which labelled the ‘directive’ as fake.

On Tuesday, reports TimesLIVE, a purported directive started making the rounds on social media, expressing Hlophe's supposed unhappiness with the standard of handwriting of judges, criticising some as indecipherable.

The ‘directive’ added that judges whose handwriting did not improve should submit samples on Fridays and even come to work on Saturdays to write out lines.

‘The spurious directive states that it is being issued as an addendum to the official directives issued by the Judge President on 6 September, and appears to introduce measures to improve the legibility of handwritten court notes,’ the Office of the Chief Justice said in a statement.

It added the intention of the authors of the fraudulent directive remains unclear but reminded the public that the use of another’s signature is a serious offence.

The false directive had Hlophe's signature.

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