More than two years after it happened, an animal abuser has been convicted and given a hefty fine for kicking a Yorkshire terrier to death.

A Cape Times report notes that the Cape of Good Hope SPCA said that justice had finally been served for the dog, named Stamford, which was killed in 2019.

Ozayr Schüller was found guilty on two charges of animal cruelty, each carrying a sentence of a R6 000 fine or six months’ imprisonment, suspended for five years – and he now has a criminal record for animal abuse,’ the SPCA said.

‘Tamlyn Sylvester, a witness in the case, had seen her neighbour kick and stomp Stamford in his small backyard. She immediately called the SPCA – but it was sadly too late for Stamford, who died before Inspector Elani Graham arrived. Stamford had belonged to Schüller’s ex-girlfriend. In court, Schüller pleaded not guilty, saying that he had kicked Stamford because he had messed inside the flat. But there’s no excuse for animal abuse,’ the organisation said.

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