Civil rights group Action Society is calling for the removal of convicted child rapist Jeffrey Donson, as mayor of Kannaland local municipality, reports The Citizen.

The Kannaland council, situated along the Garden Route in Little Karoo, elected the Independent Civic Organisation of SA leader as executive mayor and Werner Meshoa, a convicted fraudster, as his deputy.

‘Residents should know their newly-elected candidates for mayor and deputy mayor are both convicted criminals,’ said Action Society in a statement.

‘One is a convicted child rapist that received a slap on the wrist and the other a convicted fraudster. Both these candidates were re-elected with the support of the ANC,’ said the organisation.

‘The government cannot say that it is fighting gender-based violence, whilst employing (a) rapist, Action Society spokesperson Ian Cameron said.

Action Society is also calling for the removal of Meshoa, who was convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice while he was speaker of the Kannaland council.

‘It is an outrage that criminals are even considered to serve in the public office,’ says Cameron.

Donson was convicted of statutory rape and indecent assault while employed as Kannaland’s mayor in 2008.

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