The ANC is pushing for sweeping changes around television regulations in SA, including making key sport events free to watch.

It is seeking a ban on selling exclusive broadcasting rights to ensure matches involving national teams such as the Springboks should be available to the SABC either for free or at a reduced cost.

It is also pushing for fixtures to be shown live rather than on a delayed broadcast.

A report on the Business Tech site notes that the proposed changes, which are included in widely circulated documents ahead of the party’s July conference, would have a direct impact on broadcasting group Multichoice and its DStv service which is seen as the premium sports broadcaster in the country.

It would also bolster the ailing SABC which has seen television licence collections plummet in recent years.

The proposal, which is included in the national broadcaster’s latest annual performance plan, will see the implementation of a ‘technology-neutral’ public media levy to replace the existing television licence.

The SABC noted that this levy would be ‘device-independent’, meaning South Africans who do not have a television set will still be required to contribute.

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