The Bapedi royal family is set to appeal a Limpopo High Court (Polokwane) judgment which declared the Queen Mother, Manyaku Thulare, had been illegally appointed as regent.

News24 reports that Moroamohube Tseke, who claims to be the rightful heir to the throne after the death of King Thulare III, had approached the court.

Tseke is the son of the late King Sekhukhune III, who had also been deposed following numerous court battles.

Judge President Ephraim Makgoba found the appointment of the Queen Mother was unlawful.

But a spokesperson for the royal family, Ntoampe Mampuru, said her appointment was done in the presence of government officials in March 2021 ‘to ensure continuity, stability and the smooth running of the affairs of the Kingdom of the Bapedi Nation’.

Mampuru said the royal family disputes the status of Tseke and his sibling's claim of belonging to the Thulare royal family as their mother was never married to the late King Sekhukhune III.

Mampuru added that they would challenge the matter right up to the Constitutional Court if needed because the ruling sets a dangerous precedent for the institution of traditional leadership in SA.

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