The father of disgraced Stellenbosch University student Theuns du Toit has come out in defence of his son – who was dismissed by the institution after racism findings against him – enlisting a forensic audio engineer who found Du Toit apparently did not say the word ‘boy’, but ‘oi’.

Cape Times report notes the video of Du Toit urinating in fellow student Babalo Ndwayana's room and on his belongings went viral in May last year, leading to his expulsion after an investigation by the university's Central Disciplinary Committee found him guilty of racism.

Du Toit's father, Rudi du Toit, said he approached a forensic sound engineer from Traxtudio Forensics to examine the video and claims that his son said ‘it's a white boy thing’ after the urination.

‘Babalo submitted his first affidavit, saying Theuns said “it's a white boy thing” when he asked why he was urinating on his belongings,’ the father said. ‘Two days later, Babalo handed in his second affidavit saying Theuns uttered the words, “it's a white boy thing” after he stopped recording the video.

A witness who was present later testified that he did not hear Theuns saying “it's a white boy thing”. This witness also testified that when Babalo stopped recording the video Theuns turned around and walked out without saying anything further.

This is where Babalo's second affidavit doesn't make sense.

We have now received the report of a forensic sound engineer confirming that Theuns did not use the word “boy”, but “oi”.

The report also confirms that there are no racist words on this video. Theuns was finally found guilty of racism by the disciplinary committee on the basis of Babalo's second statement without Babalo testifying or being cross-(examined).’

Du Toit's lawyer, Dirk van Niekerk, said the disciplinary committee made errors in its findings.

They now planned to approach the Western Cape High Court to set aside the expulsion, with the matter expected to be heard in October.

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