Carvela shoes have become symbols of style, affluence and street-cred among a fashion-conscious sector in SA.

The Sunday Times reports that the growth of inkabi subculture and maskandi music gave the Italian brand a massive boost, and the iconic moccasin design is now synonymous with various genres of local music.

It was a trend that A&D Spitz, the only store in SA licensed to sell Carvela, capitalised on by signing rapper Big Zulu as their brand ambassador in 2020.

But with booming demand came a corresponding increase in fake footwear.

Replicas of certain Carvela shoes costing thousands of rands at A&D Spitz are flogged for just R600 on Johannesburg’s pavements.

The Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) last week ordered that Samuel Hamza, the owner of Blessed Miracle Wholesalers and Suppliers, must disclose where he sourced Carvela-branded products or face imprisonment.

A&D Spitz approached the court after discovering that Hamza’s company was distributing fake versions of the shoe.

Police last year seized counterfeit Carvela-branded products at Hamza’s business premises in Jeppe Street. The court barred Hamza and his company from importing, manufacturing, distributing or selling the fake shoes.

Acting Judge Don Mahon ordered Hamza to hand over to A&D Spitz the name and registration number of the manufacturer and source of the counterfeit Carvela products.

Hamza was also instructed to provide transaction documentation relating to the purchase or procurement of the counterfeit products within 10 days.

He was also ordered to hand over all counterfeit products to A&D Spitz.

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