The owner of the sushi outlet, Nuri Sushi, will finally have exclusive and sole administration rights over the business’s Facebook social media page following a court battle.

Cape Times report says Bonny Levi and former co-owner Mehdi Pakdoust headed to court over the administration rights of the business’ Facebook page after their business relationship soured.

Pakdoust had allegedly removed Levi as an administrator of the page and – according to the judgment – ‘it has led to a Meta dispute spanning continents’.

Western Cape High Court Acting Judge Michael Bishop said: ‘In the end, it turned out it was all the fault of (the marketing manager)’ who had unknowing to all parties opened a business manager page that threw a spanner in the works in handing over sole administration rites to Levi. A Facebook Page – unlike a personal Facebook account – is run by an ‘administrator’. The administrator must be a Facebook user.

During litigation it was found that the marketing manager ‘created the Meta Business Manager Page, without informing anyone’ and because of this, the page could continue to exist.

‘Pakdoust agreed to make Levi the administrator of the Facebook page. Because of (the marketing manager’s) presumably well-intentioned changes, he was technically unable to do so. Until Meta told him how in April this year. Since then, he has been able to make Levi the administrator, and has refused to do so without further payment in the form of Levi compromising costs awards. Pakdoust was not entitled to any further payment,’ said Bishop.

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