The Constitutional Court has dismissed attorney Lesley Ramulifho’s efforts to stop the Legal Practice Council (LPC) from reconsidering a complaint against him.

It concluded that the application must be dismissed with costs as it bears no reasonable prospects of success.

In May 2020, GroundUp lodged a complaint with the council against Ramulifho for forging documents in court papers filed against GroundUp.

Ramulifho is embroiled in allegations of corruption in the National Lotteries Commission.

The court papers in which he forged documents are part of an application he lodged to force GroundUp to remove reports about him.

Following a request for reasons for the LPC’s decision, GroundUp then took the LPC and Ramulifho to court in 2021 to force the LPC to properly consider the complaint.

In May 2023 the Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) ruled in GroundUp’s favour and ordered the LPC to investigate Ramulifho.

Ramulifho then sought leave to appeal which was rejected in September 2023. 

His attempt to seek leave to appeal from the SCA was dismissed on 1 February.

The council now has to properly investigate GroundUp’s complaint against Ramulifho, made almost four years ago.

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