Several smaller parties are calling on Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to call a meeting with all 18 parties in the National Assembly.

It is reported that the ANC continues to discuss the formation of a government of national unity with the DA, IFP, EFF and MKP, but time is running out and it is unclear what role Zondo could play.

In a letter to the CJ, UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says SA is compelled to confront challenges that require everyone to stand and craft a solution that will improve the material conditions of the people for the better.

‘It is against this background that the leaders of various political parties should convene a meeting that will address the challenges of the envisaged government and give fulfilment to the constitutional inheritance as enshrined in the founding pillars of the Constitution, and by extension, the Constitutional Court,’ Holomisa wrote.

News24 reports that Build One SA (Bosa) confirmed that it took part in the multiparty meeting on Friday that culminated in the request for Zondo to chair a meeting between all parties.

‘We cannot commit to or reject any GNU without knowing or agreeing to the actual agenda of said government,’ said Bosa spokesperson Roger Solomons.

IoL reports that EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu said politicians can’t be addressed by the outgoing CJ.

Shivambu vehemently opposed the idea characterising it as a ‘terrible idea’ which would never take place.

‘We are not going to be presided over by Zondo. It’ll never happen. Also there is no crisis in SA politics right now and there will not be. Leave Zondo to go home, he won’t preside over us,’ he said.

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