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Delareyville Magistrate Court

Operating in the Delareyville district held at Delareyville, North West

Physical Address:
23 General Delarey Street
Delareyville 2770
North West

Postal Address:
Private Bag X5001
Delareyville 2770
North West

Court Manager:
Mrs E J van Niekerk

Phone  053 948 9300
Fax  053 948 0904

Services as a Small Claims Court

Unfortunately the Magistrates Court of Delareyville does NOT operate as a Small Claims Court!

Services as an Equality Court

The Magistrates Court of Delareyville DOES operate as an Equality Court!

Equality Courts have been set up to help someone who believes that they have suffered unfair discrimination, hate speech or harassment. These courts make sure that it is easy for someone with such a case to bring their case to the court and that the issue is finalised quickly.

Anyone can take a case to the Equality Court, even if you are not directly involved in what happened. This means a complaint to the court can be made against someone or an organisation you believe have failed to respect the rights of another person.

The Equality Courts deal with complaints that are about unfair discrimination, hate speech or harassment.

More information about the Equality Court is available here:

Location map for Delareyville Magistrate Court

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