Racist guesthouse owner Andre Slade’s attempt to sue the Roman Catholic Church – accusing them of blasphemy‚ perjury‚ plagiarism‚ murder and crimes against humanity – was swiftly jettisoned from the court roll yesterday, notes a TimesLIVE report. Judge Mokgere Masipa dismissed Slade’s legal challenge on the basis that the KZN High Court (Durban) does not have jurisdiction over the Vatican‚ and that the form of Slade’s affidavit was incorrect.

He will also have to pay the costs of Cardinal Wilfred Napier‚ whose legal representation asked that the case be dismissed. Slade (54) made headlines last year when he sent an e-mail saying blacks and government employers were not allowed to stay at the Sodwana Bay Guest House. As a result‚ he faces an Equality Court challenge over hate speech due to be heard next week. Last month‚ Slade shot and killed an unarmed burglar at his home while the man was running away.

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A crime expert has called Slade’s excuse for killing the unarmed man he found on his property in March ‘absolutely ridiculous’, says a report in The Mercury. It notes Slade told the Sunday Times he shot and killed his neighbour, Siyabonga Nsele, after he caught the 26-year-old trying to steal a bottle of wine and some cheese and eggs, and that he was not sorry. ‘The Bible says to us… if he comes into your house at night you may kill him, no matter if he is white or black,’ he was reported as saying. But senior researcher with the Institute for Security Studies, Johan Burger, said: ‘You can’t just kill someone for simple theft.’ He said SA law did allow for the use of deadly force in self-defence. But only if that person poses a direct physical threat of serious bodily injury to you or someone else in your presence. And there must not be any other escape available to you.’

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