DStv has been taken to task by the Advertising Standards Authory (ASA) for passing off old and repeat content as new offerings, TimesLIVE reports. A subscriber, Alison Job, complained that the channel had described the US sitcom Mom as new when it was old content. This was also the case with the Doc Martin series, she said.

DStv responded that for many of its viewers subscribed to its Premium package, the series was indeed 'brand new', and that it was the first time the series was being aired on its Comedy Central channel. However, the ASA directorate said it would not expect a show which has been available in SA since 2013 to be described as 'brand new'.

The show has been aired on at least one other channel and was most likely also available on DVDs, it said. The directorate found that the words 'only on (Comedy Central)' further aggravated the matter as it implied that the channel was the only one to ever air the 'brand new' season.

DStv was ordered to remove the word 'new' from its promotions.

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