Controversial attorney Ronald Bobroff claims that fleeing SA had nothing to do with wrongdoing and everything to do with his and his son’s lives being in danger. Bobroff and his son, Darren, fled to Australia at a time when they were facing arrest by the Hawks and possible prosecutions by the NPA.

The latest allegation against the Bobroffs – they have been accused of exploiting many vulnerable road accident victims – come from Bafana Bafana player Eric September who had been involved in an accident in 1994. Bobroffs & Partners Attorneys acted on behalf of the player, notes a City Press report.

September alleges he was informed by Road Accident Fund employees that R1.4m had been paid to the law firm, which he said he did not receive. The law firm has denied this allegation.

We are wholly innocent of any wrongdoing, and we are victims of a corrupt set-up by a multibillion-rand public company,’ Bobroff reportedly told City Press.

He accused Discovery Health Medical Scheme of being behind ‘false, sensationalist and defamatory articles’ about them and said September could have made allegations against his law firm after reading these articles.

However, Discovery Health chief executive officer Dr Jonathan Broomberg denied the allegations.

Discovery vehemently denies all of the unfounded allegations made by Ronald Bobroff. Both he and his son Darren have been struck off the roll of attorneys in SA for their unlawful conduct, and numerous court judgments have been issued against them, confirming their criminal conduct and exploitation of hundreds of vulnerable road accident victims. They are wanted fugitives from South African justice. Discovery urges them to return to South Africa to be given an opportunity to prove their innocence in a court of law.

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