The courts must take a robust approach towards economic giants who flex their financial muscle to bully unsuspecting consumers to accept flawed goods, and raise all sorts of spurious defences and denials.

A Pretoria News report says this is according to a Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) judge who ordered a dealership to refund Abigail Wentzel for the (then) new Renault Kwid she had bought as it had too many problems.

Wentzel turned to court as she could no longer handle the hiss, rattle and tick – some of the many noises her new car made.

She said she tried everything to give the car back and get her money back.

Judge Moses Mavundla said the purpose of the Consumer Protection Act was to protect the interests of consumers.

In this case there were too many defects for a new vehicle and the Act accorded the consumer the right to be supplied with good quality goods which were in working order and of good quality.

The judge said Wentzel had the right to return the vehicle within six months of delivery and be refunded the full amount.

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