Zephany Nurse (22), who was stolen from a hospital in Cape Town as a newborn and reunited with her biological parents when she was 17, has applied to the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) for the scrapping of an interim interdict protecting her identity, it was reported at the weekend.

She has written a book about her life, which is due for publication this month, and wants permission to reveal the name she grew up with, according to TimesLIVE.

In her affidavit, she says her position is ‘fundamentally different from when the order was granted’, adding that she has made peace with her ‘new reality’.

She said she was grateful for the protection the interdict had given her.

‘It would have been much worse if my identity was known to the public when I was younger and paraded in a public court. I also would never have reached the point where I am now in my life without the interdict’s protection,’ she said.

Nurse said she still believed people in a similar position to the one in which she had found herself needed the courts’ protection.

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